Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Active Wise Health Care Privacy Commitment.

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) seeks to protect individuals against interferences with their privacy by regulating the way in which personal information is collected, handled, disclosed, used and stored.

Active Wise Health Care understands the importance of, and is committed to, protecting the privacy of personal information. In handling personal information, Active Wise Health Care is committed to complying with the Privacy Act and the 13 Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act. This Privacy Policy covers how Active Wise Health Care aims to protect the privacy of your personal information, your rights in relation to your personal information managed by Active Wise Health Care and the way in which Active Wise Health Care collects, holds, uses and discloses your personal information.

What We Do

Active Wise Health Care delivers exceptional delivery of personalised quality therapy to people in the comfort of their own homes and to those living in retirement villages or residential aged care.

Your Personal Information

When an enquiry is made, or an individual becomes a client of Active Wise Health Care, we collect personal information. The kinds of personal information Active Wise Health Care collects may include:

● contact and identification details (e.g. name, address, email address and phone number);
● information about your medical history;
● personal information relevant to health services and treatment required or received in the past;
● information about healthcare preferences;
● clinical notes, diagnosis and treatment;
● other information reasonably required to provide the health service.

You are under no obligation to provide your personal information to Active Health Wise Health Care. However, without certain information from you, or where information provided is inaccurate or irrelevant, Active Health Wise Care may not be able to provide its healthcare services, or may be limited in its ability to provide its healthcare services to you.

How We Collect, Hold and Manage Your Personal Information

Active Wise Health Care will only collect personal information that is necessary for the purpose of providing its services.

When Active Health Wise Care collects personal information, it will wherever possible collect the information directly from you and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are aware of the purpose of collection. Active Wise Health Care will also disclose to you when another person or organisation is required to have access to your personal information as part of the health services provided to you.

Active Wise Health Care will usually only collect your personal information from sources other than you if it is unreasonable or impracticable to collect your personal information from you.

Active Wise Health Care will treat all personal information collected with utmost security and confidentiality, and will ensure that the information collected is only used for the purpose for which it is collected, unless Active Wise Health Care is required to do so by law. Where requested personal information is not provided, the withholding of personal information by the individual may limit Active Wise Health Care services.

Disclosing Personal Information

Active Wise Health Care will only disclose your personal information on a confidential basis or otherwise in accordance with law.

Personal information may be disclosed under the following circumstances:

● for the purposes you have been advised the information was being collected;
● related health care purposes;
● where Active Wise Health Care has received consent by the individual to disclose their personal information;
● as required by law or permitted by the Privacy Act.

Security of Your Personal Information

Active Wise Health Care takes all reasonable steps to ensure personal information it holds about you is protected against misuse, interference and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Active Wise Health Care holds personal information in both hard copy and electronic forms in secure databases on secure premises. The personal information we store electronically is held secure data centres in Australia operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Active Wise Health Care will destroy or de-identify personal information in circumstances where it is no longer required, unless Active Wise Health Care is otherwise required or authorised by law to retain the information.

Accessing Your Personal Information

Active Wise Health Care takes reasonable steps to ensure personal information it holds is accurate, up-to-date, complete, relevant and not misleading. Under the Privacy Act, you have a right to access and seek correction of your personal information that is collected and held by Active Wise Health Care. If at any time you would like to access or correct the personal information that Active Wise Health Care holds about you please contact us directly.

Active Wise Health Care will grant access to the extent required or authorised by the Privacy Act, or other law, and take steps reasonable in the circumstances to correct personal information where necessary and appropriate.

To obtain access to your personal information:

● you will have to provide proof of identity. This is necessary to ensure that personal information is provided only to the correct individuals and that the privacy of others is protected; and
● be reasonably specific about the information you require.

Active Wise Health Care will endeavor to respond to your request to access or correct your personal information within 30 days from your request.


Please direct all privacy complaints to Active Wise Health Care via the contact details below:

● Phone: 1300 121 181
● Email:

At all times, privacy complaints:

● will be treated seriously;
● will be dealt with promptly;
● will be dealt with in a confidential manner; and
● will not affect your existing arrangement between you and Active Wise Health Care.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you may refer the complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner or the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner.

Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. Updates will be incorporated into this policy.